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If you face trouble in solving triple integral functions then you must try our triple integral calculator for an amazing experience.

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    Introduction to the Triple Integral Calculator

    The triple integration calculator is an online tool available for free that helps solve the triple integral function.A triple integral solver is used to calculate the volume of bounded regions in three-dimensional f(x,y,z).

    Our volume integral calculator automatically solves the calculation and provides step-by-step solutions when you put the triple integral function in it.

    triple integral calculator with steps

    It is a very beneficial tool for students, researchers, and professors who are seeking a triple integrals calculator to solve multivariable integrals in calculus.

    so triple integral calculator help you to solve the triple integral fuction. Additionally, if you need to evalute double integrals, check out iterated integrals calculator for computing integrals over two variables.

    What is a triple Integral?

    Triple integration means area under the bounded graph which is present in three-dimensional space. It calculates the volume of the multivariable integral function enclosed with definite limit values.

    While triple integrals compute the volume or density within a three-dimensional region, indefinite integrals seek to find the original function given its derivative, providing a broader range of functions representing the antiderivative.

    If you would like to in exploring indefinite integrals and finding antiderivatives of functions, you can use our calculator for indefinite integrals. Our calculator also offers a versatile platform for solving indefinite integrals and evaluating mathematical expressions, providing step-by-step solutions and insights into antiderivative processes.

    Formula used by triple integration calculator

    Triple integral function represents as in 3-Dimension. The following formula is used by our triple integral calculator for the triple integration calculation.

    $$ \int_{z1}^{z2} (\int_{y1}^{y2} (\int_{x1}^{x2} f(x,y,z) dx) dy) dz $$


    f(x,y,z) is the multivariable function

    ( x1,x2) is limits of the x-axis, (y1,y2)limit along y coordinates, and (z1,z2) limits along the z-axis.

    dx,dy, and dz are integration variables.

    For further exploration of integral calculations and solving various types of integrals, including definite and indefinite integrals, consider using our calculate integral online. Our calculator offers a comprehensive platform for evaluating mathematical expressions, providing step-by-step solutions, and facilitating integration processes.

    Procedure behind triple integral solver

    Triple integration calculator used to simplify the process of integration which is presented in f(x,y,z) along with (x,y,z) limits in three-dimensional space. Further it can handle all types of complex triple integral problems because all integration methods are installed in its server.

    When you enter the function along with the upper and lower limits of x,y, or z coordinates in the calculator it performs integrals one by one successively three times. Firstly this volume integral calculator integrates function with respect to x while y, z behave as constant then apply limits.

    Secondly it integrates limits with respect to y but x,z function treated as constant and then apply upper and lower limits. Thirdly, our triple integrals calculator takes the third integral with respect to z and x,y keeps constant, again applying the upper and lower limits of z coordinates.

    In this way the triple integral calculator with steps solves the given triple antiderivative problem in an easy way in less span of time. Now, let's observe an example of a triple integral function which is solved in this calculator.

    While the triple integral calculator is an invaluable tool for computing volume and solving three-dimensional integrals, for cases involving infinite limits or discontinuities, such as improper integrals, our converges or diverges integral calculator offers specialized functionality to handle such complexities seamlessly.

    Example of triple integral

    Some examples of triple integral function with solutions are as follows,


    $$ \int_{1}^{0} \int_{-2}^{2} \int_{-1}^{1} (2x+y-5z) dz dy dx $$


    $$ \int_{0}^{1} \int_{2}^{-2} \int_{1}^{-1} (2x+y-5z) dz dy dx = 8 $$

    Calculate the definite integral,

    $$ \int_{0}^{1} \int_{2}^{-2} \int_{1}^{-1} (2x+y-5z) dz dy dx $$

    To determine the definite integral, first find out the innermost integral,

    $$ \int_{0}^{1} (\int_{2}^{-2} (\int_{1}^{-1} (2x+y-5z) dz)dy) dx $$

    Calculate the innermost integral and substitute:

    $$ \int_{0}^{1} (\int_{2}^{-2} (-2(2x+y)) dy) dx $$

    Calculate the innermost integral and substitute,

    $$ \int_{0}^{1} 16x dx $$

    Calculating the last integral,

    $$ \int_{0}^{1} 16x dx \; = \; 8 $$

    Thus it is the final solution of our function with specific limits. if you would need to find an area enclosed in a graph in a bounded region. you can use a our integral bounds calculator for compute definite Integration of single-variable functions.

    How to use the Triple Integral Calculator with steps?

    This online 3d integral calculator is used to give you solutions in simple steps of your given triple integral function when you follow some steps only.

    For additional, calculations and analysis related to area estimations in single-variable contexts, you can use our area under the curve calculator helpful. Our calculator offers a convenient platform for calculating areas bounded by functions, aiding in various mathematical analyses and applications.

    • Enter your given triple integral function in the form of f(x,y,z).
    • Put the upper limit and lower limit of the x variable in its respective field.
    • Enter the upper limit and lower limit of the y variable
    • Enter the upper limit and lower limit of the z variable
    • Press the "Calculate" button to get a solution of the triple integral function

    Result obtained from a volume integral calculator

    Triple integration calculator will give some results after entering the triple antiderivative which may include:

    A solution of a triple integral problem gets along with the given input.

    Press the “possible immediate steps” which gives a detailed explanation of triple anti-differential problems.

    Press the “recalculate” to practice more examples.

    Benefits of using this triple integrals calculator

    This triple integral solver can give you a lot of benefits while using our tool for triple integration.These advantages are:

    Also, the triple integral calculator is an online tool available for free that helps solve the triple integral function. Further, if you would like to evaluate integral calculations and solve various types of integrals, including definite and indefinite integrals, use our antiderivative solver. This tool offers a convenient platform for finding antiderivatives of functions, aiding in integration processes and mathematical analysis.

    • This triple integral calculator provides precise and accurate results which make it the most reliable tool for integration.
    • It is an easy-to-use tool with a simple interface
    • Our volume integral calculator is a reliable tool for students to integrate learning and understand the concept of triple integration.
    • It is a readily accessible tool, without any installations.
    • Our triple integrals calculator is available for free on an online platform.
    • This 3d integral calculator makes the calculation faster, as it displays the complex integrated value within a minute.


    Our triple integral calculator is the best tool for integration which will work efficiently when you enter the function in it as it can handle all types of complex functions and calculations in three-dimensional space. Each stage of the calculation process gives a better understanding of the triple integrals

    Further Our specialized line segment integral calculator offers a convenient solution for more advanced applications involving integrals over curves or paths in vector fields, such as line integrals.