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    Introduction to a Double Integral Calculator

    The iterated integral calculator is a digital tool that is used to find the value for the double integral function. This calculator provides an absolute solution of the area enclosed in the bounded region of the graph along with two variables in two-dimensional f(x,y).

    double integral calculator with steps

    You just need to put integral values and the rest of the work will be done in the double integration calculator which keeps us away from trouble during long-form or complex function calculations.

    So double integral Calculator helps you to compute indefinite or definite Integration of double-variable functions. Additionally, if you need to evaluate triple integrals, check out our triple calculator for computing integrals over three variables. This includes involves partitioning the region of integration into small pieces, usually rectangles and summing up the contributions of the function within each piece.

    What is a Double Integral?

    The double integral is defined as an area under the curve over a bounded region with definite limits values. It is used to determine the displacement of two variables in a defined region in a two-dimensional space. It is donated as “∫∫”.

    Understanding double integral in calculus extends the idea of single-variable integration to functions of two variables over a two-dimensional region in space. Further, it also computes the accumulated volume or density under a surface or within a region. If you're interested in calculating the area under a curve in a single-variable context, you may find our area under graph calculator helpful. Our tool facilitates the computation of areas bounded by functions, aiding in various mathematical analyses and applications.

    Notation used by the multivariable integral calculator

    Double integral has a two-dimensional volume of integral with defined limits. The formula used by our multiple integral calculator is,

    $$ \int_{y1}^{y2} \int_{x1}^{x2} f(x,y) dx dy $$

    For further exploration of indefinite integration and mathematical computations, you can utilize our indefinite integral solver.our calculator also for solving indefinite integrals, providing step-by-step solutions and insights into the antiderivative process.

    Where f(x,y) shows integrand in x and y, dxdy represents the integration variable

    Calculation process in the iterated integral calculator

    Double integral calculator can solve all definite double integral function of a given function when you give input along with the upper and lower limits of x and y coordinates respectively.In addition, all the important formulas of algebra functions are used behind to find the area over a bounded region to perform double integration. Each integration needs a different method to get the desired result.

    Our double integral solver starts applying different formulas to check which method gets the best solution to a given double integral problem. After that, it integrates the function in two consecutive times, first integral with respect to x variable then applying upper and lower limit of x-coordinates.

    In the next step,the function again integrates with respect to y , and after integration again applies the upper and lower limit of the y-axis to get the solution of the given double integral function.


    Now, let's understand an example of double integral function to understand how our multivariable integral calculator solves the problems.For further computation needs, consider exploring our limit integral calculator, which offers a comprehensive toolset for solving definite integrals and evaluating mathematical expressions with specified limits.

    Example of double integral

    An example of a double-integral problem solved by our double integral calculator is given


    $$ \int_{0}^{1} \int_{-1}^{1} (1-x+2y) dydx $$


    $$ \int_{0}^{1} \int_{1}^{-1} (1-x+2y) dy dx = -1 $$

    Calculate the definite integral:

    $$ \int_{0}^{1} \int_{1}^{-1} (1-x+2y) dy dx $$

    To determine the definite integral, first find the innermost integral:

    $$ \int_{0}^{1} (\int_{1}^{-1} (1-x+2y) dy)dx $$

    After calculating the innermost integral we will get,

    $$ \int_{0}^{1} (-2(1-x)) dx $$

    Now, calculate the last integral,

    $$ \int_{0}^{1} -2(1-x) dx = -1 $$

    Thus it is the final solution of our function with a specific limit. If you would like to calculate the total of a scalar field or vector field along a curve or path in space. you can go through our line integral curve calculator. you can also measure the cumulative effect of the field along the curve, incorporating both magnitude and direction.

    How to use the double integral calculator with steps?

    Our iterated integral calculator has a simple procedure for solving double-integral problems with a stepwise process if you follow the given steps while entering the double-integral function.
    Step 1

    Enter your function in the input field in f(x,y) format.
    Step 2

    Put the upper and lower limit values of the x coordinate

    Step 3

    Put the upper and lower limit values of the y coordinate

    Step 4

    Click the button “Calculate” to get the result of the double integral function that you input in our tool.
    Step 5

    Press the “Recalculate” button for further evaluation.

    Additionally, if you calculate improper integrals or to evaluate integrals over unbounded intervals, you may find our convergent or divergent calculator integral helpful. It provides a convenient way to compute improper integrals and handle cases where traditional integration methods may not suffice.

    Result obtained from double integration calculator

    After adding the input in the multiple integral calculator ,you can get the solution of your given double integral function in just a click, which may contain some factors related to your problem. It may include:

    Solution of your double integral function.

    Also it provide “immediate possible steps” to get more explanation of solution that you may use to understand the whole procedure of double integration.

    Why do you choose a double integral solver?

    Our double integral calculator gives exact results, every time, with brief instructions to solve antiderivative problems so everyone, even a beginner, can easily understand the results.

    In one click you can get results without putting in any external effort. It makes the calculation faster of a given double antiderivative function because the multivariable integral calculator gets reviewed by mathematical experts.

    For students studying multivariable calculus or related subjects, a double integral calculator serves as a valuable educational tool, providing step-by-step solutions and insights into the integration process. Further, if you would find the solution of an antiderivative function whether it belongs to the definite or indefinite type. you can use our anti-derivative calculator. you can also use it to evaluate the displacement under the graph in a bounded or unbounded region.

    Benefits of using multiple integral calculator

    Our double integrals calculator will give multiple benefits when you use it for instant solution of double integral function.

    These advantages are:

    • Our iterated integral calculator saves time which you consume in long calculation of double integral function.
    • This tool provides an accurate integration process, which does not give any mistake in double integral results.
    • The double Integral Calculator is a handy tool that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection only.
    • It also provides a solution of double integral the function with explanation, this helps in understanding the solution in a short interval.
    • Users can utilize double integral calculators to solve a wide range of mathematical problems, including those encountered in calculus, physics, engineering, and other fields. Additionally, for more complex integrals, you can also utilize our integral to swiftly tackle intricate double integral functions.
    • Our calculator also provide step-by-step solutions, offering valuable insights into the integration process and serving as educational aids for students learning calculus and related subjects.