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    Introduction to Fourier Transform Calculator

    The Fourier coefficients calculator is an advanced mathematical tool that helps to convert a non-periodic function into a periodic function. It solves the Fourier complex function with undefined limits in the real value function.

    fourier transform calculator with steps

    The Fourier Transform Calculator facilitates the mathematical representation of signals by converting them from the time or spatial domain to the frequency domain. This transformation provides a powerful tool for solving differential equations, convolutions, and other mathematical operations that may be challenging in the time domain.

    Additionally, our calculator is particularly useful for handling complex functions with undefined limits. Further, if you would like to solve linear differential equations with initial conditions and for analyzing the behavior of dynamic systems governed by differential equations, you can use our laplace transform calculator. Our calculator also provides a concise mathematical representation of complex systems and phenomena, enabling engineers, scientists, and researchers to model and analyze a wide variety of dynamical systems accurately.

    What is the Fourier Transform?

    It is an integral function of a signal from its constituent time domain to the frequency domain.Its solution generates a complex-valued function of frequency. In complex analysis, the Fourier series is named the Fourier transform.

    Fourier transform represents a signal as a sum of sinusoidal functions (sines and cosines) of different frequencies. Each component in the Fourier transform represents a different frequency present in the original signal, along with its magnitude and phase.Mathematically, the Fourier transform of a function f(t) is denoted by � ( � ) F(ω)

    Aditionally, to compute the Fourier series representation of a periodic function, You can use our fourier series calculator. The Fourier series is also a mathematical technique that decomposes a periodic function into a sum of sinusoidal functions (sines and cosines) or complex exponentials.

    Formula Used by Fourier Transform Online

    The formula of the Fourier transform used by our Fourier calculator is given as,

    $$ \hat{f} (\omega) \;=\; \int_{-\infty}^{\infty} f(t) e^{iwt} dt $$


    eiwt*f(t) is the integrand

    dt is the integral variable

    ∞, -∞ is undefined upper and lower limits.

    Properties of Fourier Transform Function

    Many properties are used to solve different types of Fourier transform functions. Some of the properties of Fourier transform which are observed in our Fourier transform calculator during calculations as well are,

    Linearity property:

    For any function,F(f) and F(g) for which the Fourier transform exists and constant simply follow from the properties of integration and establish the linearity of the Fourier transform.

    $$ F \Biggr[ f + g \Biggr] \;=\; F [f] + F [g] $$

    $$ F [af] \;=\; aF [f] $$

    Transform of derivative:

    The derivative insert in the Fourier integral and using integration by parts technique.

    $$ F \Biggr[ \frac{df}{dx} \Biggr] \;=\; \int_{-\infty}^{\infty} \frac{df}{dx} e^{ikx} dx $$

    $$ \lim_{L\to \infty} \Biggr[ f(x) e^{ikx} \Biggr]_{-L}^{L} - ik \int_{-\infty}^{\infty} f(x) e^{ikx} dx $$

    Shifting properties

    Here we have denoted the Fourier transform pairs using a double arrow as

    f(x)↔f^(k). These forms are give solution of the Fourier transform or inverse Fourier transform. The first shift property of fourier transform.

    $$ f(x - a) \leftrightarrow e^{ika} \hat{f} (k), $$

    $$ f(x) e^(-iax) \leftrightarrow \hat{f} (k - a) $$

    Convolution of a function

    Fourier transform convolution of two functions f(x)and g(x) is the product of the Fourier transforms of the individual functions

    $$ (f * g)(x) \;=\; \int_{-\infty}^{\infty} f(t) g(x - t) dx $$

    Multiplication properties

    This multiplication property has a ability to differentiate an integral with respect to a parameter.

    $$ F \Biggr[ xf (x) \Biggr] \;=\; -i \frac{d}{dk} \hat{f} (k) $$

    These formulas are essential in Fourier transform to tackle various types of functions like linear, multiplication, or derivative functions, etc.

    Additionally, these all properties are essential tools in Fourier transform analysis, enabling efficient computation and manipulation of functions in the frequency domain. Our find integral online incorporates these properties to provide accurate and efficient solutions for Fourier transform calculations.

    Evaluation Process of Fourier Coefficients Calculator

    Our Fourier transform calculator helps you determine Fourier transform functions and gives the exact solution whenever you encounter complicated variable problems. Our Fourier transform online has all the built-in properties of Fourier on its software which enable It to break the function into a waveform of frequencies to a function of time. 

    When you enter the variable function in our Fourier transformation calculator to calculate, it analyzes to check the attribute of a given function. Then it applies the rules of the Fourier whether linear, differential, time shifting, etc properties give maximum output, of the given function. After that, it uses an integration process to give the solution of the function.

    Further, if you're interested in exploring related concepts or utilizing additional mathematical tools, you can also use our z transform online, which offers similar functionalities for analyzing discrete-time signals and systems.

    Through graphical knowledge, you will get a better understanding of this concept. Let us see an example to know how our calculator does Fourier function calculations.

    Example of Fourier Transform Function:

    An example of Fourier transform function f(x).


    Find the Fourier transform of

    $$ f(x) \;=\; \biggr[ \binom{e^{-ax}}{0} , \binom{x \ge 0}{x \lt 0} , a \gt 0 \biggr] $$


    The Fourier transform of the above function is,

    $$ \hat{f} (k) \;=\; \int_{-\infty}^{\infty} f(x) e^{ikx} dx $$

    $$ \int_{0}^{\infty} e^{ikx-ax} dx $$

    $$ \frac{1}{a-ik} $$

    Thus it is the final solution of our function with specific limits. Further, if you would like to be performing further analysis, such as finding the inverse Laplace transform of � ( � ) F(ω), you can use our inverse laplace transform calculator to compute the inverse transform and obtain the corresponding time-domain function.

    How to use the Fourier Transform Calculator with Steps?

    You will get a solution in just one click if you follow the steps for using our Fourier coefficients calculator.

    • Enter the function in the format of ewt*f(t) in the relevant field.
    • Review the function before pressing the calculate button.
    • Click the ‘calculate’ button to get the solution of the Fourier function.

    The Result Obtained from the Fourier Calculator

    You will get a result immediately after entering the function in the Fourier coefficients calculator.


    Additionally, if you're interested in Laplace transforms, you might be use our laplacian calculator helpful for related calculations. Explore its features to simplify your analysis and problem-solving in engineering, control theory, and more.

    • Results will be given with the input function.
    • In the second option, you will give immediate steps to get a detailed solution.
    • Hit the “Recalculate “ for more calculations for practice.

    Benefits of Using the Fourier Transformation Calculator

    The Fourier transform calculator with steps is an amazing gadget that provides a lot of benefits to users as it provides a complete guideline for solving the given variable function from the Fourier series.

    • The Fourier calculator is a time-saving device for long form calculation
    • This calculator is a reliable tool as it gives accurate results.
    • Our Fourier transform online provides you with fast solutions with steps
    • It has a friendly interface which gives ease to use.

    Applications of Fourier Transform

    Fourier transform has a wide range of applications in daily life, which is follow as:

    If you're interested in exploring more mathematical tools and calculators for various applications, you can access our comprehensive collection of calculators by visiting the All Calculators page.

    • Image Processing
    • Image Filtering
    • Image Reconstruction
    • Audio analysis
    • Data compression