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If you are facing trouble with the calculation of area under the curve/indefinite integration problems? Then you can try our indefinite integral calculator for an accurate step by step solution.




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    Introduction to the Indefinite Integral Calculator

    An indefinite integrals calculator is a free digital tool that helps to find the indefinite integral of the indefinite function.

    It is an online indefinite integration calculator that gives the solution of the area enclosed in the curve function in less than a minute.

    indefinite integral calculator with steps

    This indefinite calculator is helpful for students, engineers, and researchers who want an easy way to solve integral problems for better learning and understanding the difficult types of complex integral problems.

    The Indefinite Integral Calculator efficiently computes indefinite integrals for single-variable functions, aiding in mathematical analysis and problem-solving. Additionally, if you need to evaluate double integrals, check out our double integration solver for computing integrals over two variables. It also helps to calculate the volume under a surface or the signed area between a surface and the xy-plane.

    It facilitates the evaluation of integrals over two variables by breaking down the integration region into smaller segments, typically rectangles, and aggregating the function contributions within each segment.

    What are Indefinite Integrals?

    The indefinite integral is defined as an integral that is expressed in volume under the graph with an arbitrary constant “C” without any upper and lower limits.

    Indefinite integral is the reverse function of a derivative which means it gives the original function f(x) from the f`(x) derivative function.

    Understanding indefinite integrals is instrumental in solving differential equations, determining functions' behavior, and finding areas under curves. On the other hand, the concept of solving indefinite integration problems, you can go through our anti deriv calculator. Antiderivatives play a crucial role in solving indefinite integration problems, finding functions' general solutions, and understanding the behavior of functions over intervals.

    Formula used by Indefinite Integration Calculator

    Indefinite integral has a specific rule different from definite integral without limits. The formula used by our indefinite integral calculator with steps is,

    $$ \int f(x) \;=\; F(x) + C $$

    Where f(x) is the integrand, dx is the integral variable

    F(x) is the solution of integration and C is the constant of integration.

    When utilizing our indefinite integral calculator to compute antiderivatives of functions, it's important to note that the result often includes a constant of integration, denoted as +C.

    Our calculator smoothly deals with integration problems without set limits. Yet, it's essential to think about situations where we integrate over endless intervals or at points where functions break. Here, our convergence calculator integral becomes handy, allowing us to solve integrals that go beyond usual boundaries.

    Process Behind Indefinite Calculator's Calculation

    An indefinite integrals calculator with steps is a must-try tool for indefinite integration, as it has all the antiderivative rules on its software which apply as per the specific integral functions.

    When you give the input in our calculator, it recognizes the function f(x) because integral calculation depends on your given function.

    In this indefinite integration calculator when you add the integral function, for instance, the rational function uses the partial fraction method, and the integrand product function solves with integration by parts method. In the same way, some indefinite integral functions are evaluated through the substitution method.

    According to your given indefinite problem, the integration process occurs and the solution will display in F(x) with the addition of a constant like F(x)+C.

    our indefinite integrals calculator, featuring comprehensive antiderivative rules tailored to various integral functions.Upon inputting your function into our calculator, it swiftly identifies f(x), crucial for determining the integral.

    For more advanced integration needs beyond single-variable functions, such as those involving functions of multiple variables or over three-dimensional regions, you can utiliz our triple integral bounds calculator. Our calculator handle multiple integration problems, providing efficient solutions for complex mathematical tasks.

    Examples to Find the Indefinite Integral

    Let's evaluate the indefinite integral of following using our indefinite integral calculator.

    $$ \int sin(x)cos(x)dx $$

    Solution: In the first step, we will substitute function with "u":

    i.e. u = cos(x) & du = -sin(x)dx

    This will implies that:

    $$ =\; - \int u du $$

    Now, Integrating "u" w.r.t "du"

    $$ =\; - \frac{u^2}{2} + c $$ $$ \int sin(x)cos(x)dx \;=\; - \frac{u^2}{2} + c $$

    Substitute back for u = cos(x)

    $$ \int sin(x)cos(x)dx \;=\; -\frac{1}{2} cos^2(x) + c $$

    Thus it is the final solution of our function with specific limits. if you would need to find an area enclosed in a graph in a bounded region. you can use a our integral calculator definitefor compute definite Integration of single-variable functions.

    How to Use Indefinite Integrals Calculator?

    Indefinite integral calculator with steps is simply a design tool that can follow some steps to give a solution in a stepwise process. These steps are:

    Step 1: Enter your particular function in the input field

    Step 2: Choose the respective variable of your function

    Step 3: Click on the “Calculate” button to get the result of indefinite integrals.

    Step 4: Press the “Recalculate” button to do more calculations

    Results Obtained From Indefinite Integral Calculator

    After giving the input value in indefinite integration calculator with steps you will get an accurate solution with a detailed explanation with some options like

    While getting the result, For further exploration of mathematical concepts beyond integration, you will go through our area of curve calculator. our calculator enables you to compute the area enclosed by a curve with ease, enhancing your mathematical analysis capabilities.

    • You will get an indefinite integral solution along with your given integral function.
    • Next, click on the immediate possible steps of the indefinite integral to get more clarity.
    • You can get visual representation in the form of a graph which forms according to the obtained indefinite integral results

    Benefits of an Indefinite Integral Calculator

    This indefinite integrals calculator will give you multiple benefits for the evaluation of complicated indefinite integral functions. These benefits are:

    For further mathematical tasks beyond indefinite integration, such as evaluating integrals along curves or surfaces, consider utilizing our line integral of vector field calculator. This tool adeptly handles line integral problems, offering efficient solutions for complex mathematical tasks.

    1. An indefinite calculator will give you accurate results without any errors.
    2. It can easily operate through a laptop, tablet etc.
    3. Our calculator has a user-friendly interface so it can easily be accessible to evaluate the indefinite integral.
    4. It will give solutions in detail with a step-by-step process.
    5. Indefinite integration calculator saves the time that you use in evaluating integral problems manually.
    6. It can handle all types of indefinite integral function.


    Indefinite integral calculator will give you a precise solution to your given function in a fraction of a second. Due to its simplest interface, it gives ease to users to solve all types of indefinite integrals like polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, or trigonometric functions. Moreover, visit our website solve integration online for being attached with the variety of calculus tools.